About Us

Who we are ?

The Vanilla brand stands on two pillars: A true passion for Egyptian cotton – known worldwide as the White Gold of Egypt – and a high level of expertise in the garments manufacturing industry. Ingrained in the fabric of the company is a commitment to producing the highest quality cotton garments, unparalleled anywhere else, through the most stringent quality control processes at every single stage of production.

Vanilla goes above and beyond by dedicating resources and time to additional quality control tests commonly overlooked altogether by other manufacturers. Our mission is to deliver to our customers a collection of styles, products and services that will enhance their lives and elevate their fashion. Our main focus is to provide a full range of quality clothing and wearables.

Our Journey

We began operating in 2008 out of a 60m2 boutique space providing Egyptian cotton panties. With only 70 pieces produced per day, selling to 12 clients, the demand far outweighed the supply. From 2008 to 2013, Vanilla grew exponentially as a manufacturer and a company, increasing the size of its facilities and staff including expanded teams across all departments: sales, marketing, distribution, R&D, etc. 

In 2013, Vanilla’s first management office opened in Nozha, Cairo, A year later in 2014, Vanilla’s first store in Nasr City was inaugurated, along with 4 warehouses. Today, Vanilla is a globally-recognized brand name that stands for uncompromising quality, the softest, most durable fabrics, on-trend styles, innovative techniques, and long-lasting garments. Vanilla produces 7000 units per day totaling 182,000 units per month and operates overseas boutiques in North Africa and Europe. Vanilla plans to expand internationally to more cities worldwide. With a large-scale capacity for further growth.

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